5 Cool Country Code Domain Name Ideas

Country code Top Level Domains or ccTLDs as they are more popularly known are domain name extensions that are usually reserved for countries or sovereign states and territories. I say “usually” because some of these extensions have since been opened up for registration by anyone in any part of the world, provided they meet the reseller’s conditions. In this article, I will explore 5 cool country code domain name ideas that will offer you a unique address on the internet. All these ideas were still available at the time of writing this article with NETIM, a French domain name reseller.

How many ccTLDs exist?

According to Domain Name Stat, there are 315 ccTLDs currently with over 151million registered domain names. The five most popular ccTLDs in order of the highest popularity are; .tk, .cn, .de, .uk and .ru. These are the ccTLDs for; Tokelau (a territory of New Zealand), the Peoples Republic of China, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom (UK) and the Russian Federation. Together, these top five account for over 46% of the registered ccTLDs, with .tk taking the lion’s share of 12.72% with over 19.2million registered domain names.

Why is .tk so popular?

The .tk ccTLD owes its roaring popularity; according to Wikipedia, to the decision by Tokelau to allow any individual to register any number of domain names free of charge. These domain names however should not promote sexual content, drug use, hate speech, firearms, spam or copyright infringement. According to the same source however, .tk domain names belonging to Fortune 500 companies, common dictionary terms, domain names with less than four characters and others deemed potentially valuable are unavailable for free registration.

With that brief walk through, let’s now delve into a few ccTLD ideas that should make for memorable domain names. In the event that you land on your desired domain name(s), click any of the five ccTLD headings or accompanying image and you’ll be redirected to NETIM where you can complete your acquisition.

1. .de ccTLD for Germany

As previously shared, the .de is the third most popular and accounts for 9% of all currently registered ccTLDs. Thankfully, there are a number of English words that are still currently available for registration as unique domain names. Below are a few cool ideas organised according to a some popular categories.

countertra.de (countertrade), grandarca.de (grand arcade), lightcru.de (light crude-oil), paygra.de (pay grade), sweetcru.de (sweet crude-oil).

(my Altis Grande-Toyota), myescala.de (my Escalade-Cadillac). German flag flying high

(floating parade), hotswe.de (hot Swede), originalswe.de (original Swede), originallyswe.de (originally Swede), trueswe.de (true Swede), youngswe.de (young Swede).

bemybri.de (be my bride), blacksue.de (black suede), futurebri.de (future bride), hotdu.de (hot dude), mystri.de (my stride), newbri.de (new bride), proudlyblon.de (proudly blonde), redsue.de (red suede), simplyblon.de (simply blonde), withinstri.de (within stride).

(countrywide), wedeci.de (we decide).

lightemittingdio.de (light emitting diode-LED).

(French for world champion), stayonsi.de (stay on side-rugby), stillonsi.de (still on side-football/soccer).

(lion pride/pride of lions), oceanti.de (ocean tide), simpleabo.de (simple abode), simplygli.de (simplygli.de).

(knife blade), mydeca.de (my decade), onedeca.de (one decade), simplyabi.de (simply abide), sweepasi.de (sweep aside).

2. .ga ccTLD for Georgia

Formerly part of the Soviet Republic, Georgia lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia, with the Black Sea forming its Western boundary. The .ga according to Domain Name Stat is the 6th most popular ccTLD, accounting for 2.84% or approximately 4.3million of domain names registered in this category. This ccTLD presents us with yet another opportunity to come up with some cool domain names.

(bubinga-African hardwood), buybubin.ga (buy bubinga), fenin.ga (feninga-plural of monetary unit of Bosnia & Herzegovina), orderbubin.ga (order bubinga), primebode.ga (prime bodega-small convenience store), topbode.ga (top bodega-small convenience store).

(meshugga-Yiddish for senseless/crazy), quadri.ga (quadriga-ancient horse-drawn car/chariot).

(hot chimichanga-Mexican appetizer/burrito), sevru.ga (sevruga-type of expensive caviar).Church spire with cross

(my donga-transportable Australian building).

(big conga-drum from Cuba), learnfan.ga (learn fanga-type of dance from Liberia/Sierra Leone), littlecon.ga (little conga), mbaqan.ga (mbaqanga-South African music style), mridan.ga (mridanga-two-sided drum from India), playfan.ga (play fanga), realcon.ga (real conga), thecon.ga (the conga-drum).

(all about virga-rain that evapourates before hitting ground), bisna.ga (bisnaga-giant barrel cactus), bizna.ga (bisnaga-giant barrel cactus), findsene.ga (find senega-medicinal plant native to North America), galan.ga (galanga-plant in ginger family), malan.ga (malanga-South American root vegetable), sastru.ga (sastruga-ridge of snow formed by wind), serin.ga (seringa-rubber tree species), syrin.ga (syringa-flowring plant species of olive family), zastru.ga (zastruga-ridge of snow formed by wind).

(cotinga-birds found in Central & South America), honeymoonton.ga (honeymoon Tonga-Country in Ocenia made up of 168 islands), hotelsinton.ga (hotels in Tonga), spotanhin.ga (spot anhinga-American water bird), spotbrol.ga (spot brolga-large Australian bird in crane family), spotbelu.ga (spot Beluga-small white sociable whales), spotcontin.ga (spot cotinga-birds found in Central & South America), swimwithbelu.ga (swim with Beluga), thelastquag.ga (the last quagga-subspecies of Zebra thought to be extinct), thesai.ga (the saiga-endangered antelope), tourbelu.ga (tour Beluga), tourtele.ga (tour Telega-a commune in Romania), tourton.ga (tour Tonga), truebrol.ga (true brolga), truemassasau.ga (true massasauga-species of rattlesnake), truetai.ga (true Taiga-North American snow forest), visittan.ga (visit Tanga-Port City in Tanzania, East Africa), visittele.ga (visit Telega-a commune in Romania), visitton.ga (visit Tonga).

3. .co ccTLD for Colombia

According to Domain Name Stat .ga is the 16th most popular accounting for 1.67% or close to 2.5million of registered ccTLDs. This country that touches both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea is slowly emerging as a top tourist destination in South America famous for its coffee, art, music, football/soccer, great beaches and Andes Mountains. It is also the world’s biggest producer of emeralds (bright green gems). Below are a few ideas of domain names based on words that end in .co

(no to tobacco), nontobac.co (non tobacco)

(bold art deco), classycalaman.co (classy calamanco-a blend of wool often having checked patterns), designporti.co (design portico-porch/covered walkway), farmingguana.co (farming guanaco-South American animal related to the llama), purecalaman.co (pure calamanco), redfres.co (red fresco-wall painting on wet plaster), shopalni.co (shop alnico-strong alloy of aluminium), silverstuc.co (silver stucco-durable plaster finish to walls), softcali.co (soft calico-tightly woven cotton cloth), strikingartde.co (striking art deco), thebestcalaman.co (the best calamanco), thebestcali.co (the best calico), thebestfres.co (the best fresco), thebestroco.co (the best rococo-elaborate decorative art), thebeststuc.co (the best stucco), thelastlocofo.co (the last locofoco-matchstick), thepoliti.co (the politico-politician), thesimpati.co (the simpatico-pleasing/having attractive qualities), whitefres.co (white fresco), zigzagartde.co (zigzag art deco)Colombian flag flying high

(the best secco-art of painting on dry plaster), thebestzyde.co (the best zydeco-popular music of South Louisiana)


diningalfres.co (dining alfresco-outdoors), freshbeccafi.co (fresh beccafico-bird delicacy in France/Italy), thebestta.co (the best taco-fried Mexican tortilla with a filling)

(atamasco-type of American lily), processedgua.co (processed guaco-American plant used as antidote to snakebite), trackingsciroc.co (tracking scirocco-southerly wind of the Mediterranean), trackingsiroc.co (tracking sirocco-same as scirocco), thechubas.co (the chubasco-hurricane in Mexico), topmedi.co (top medico-physician/medical student), wildgua.co (wild guaco)

(best of Barranco-Name of a place in Belize, Colombia, Spain and Peru), bestofchi.co (best of Chico-City in Northern California), bestofmoroc.co (best of Morocco-North African country), hotelsinbarran.co (hotels in Barranco), hotelsinchi.co (hotels in Chico), hotelsinmoroc.co (hotels in Morocco), magicalchi.co (magical Chico), spottingjun.co (spotting junco-a type of sparrow/bird), spottingtoura.co (spotting touraco-brightly colored African bird), spottingtura.co (spotting turaco-same as touraco), thelastbron.co (the last bronco-wild/partially trained North American pony), tourbarran.co (tour Barranco), tourchi.co (tour Chico), tourmaca.co (tour macaco-animal of lemur family), tourmoroc.co (tour Morocco), tourtura.co (tour turaco), visitbarran.co (visit Barranco)

4. .in ccTLD for India

India, the second most populous country in the world after China and second largest English-speaking country after the US is home to the .in ccTLD. Statistics from Domain Name Stat indicate that this is the 21st most popular ccTLD with over 2.25million registered domain names. This cricket-loving country is home to the Taj Mahal; one of the seven wonders of the world and UNESCO world heritage site built in the 17th Century. Believed to be the world’s largest democracy, India is also famous for its spicy culinary delights. Below are some of the domain name ideas you could pick up in the various categories.

(Afro-chain – large Caribbean necklace with a pendant), hogcha.in (hogchain-chain/tie rod in a boat that prevents sagging), maroca.in (marocain-type of fabric), semiporcela.in (glazed ceramics resembling porcelain),

(Al-Mada’in – ancient metropolis in Iraq), cuchala.in (Cuchulain-legendary hero of ancient Ulster), dobber.in (dobber-in – Australian slang for informant), donalba.in (Donalbain-character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth), guch.in (Gu-ch’in-traditional Chinese musical instrument), gwich.in (Gwich’in-North American Indian, Alaska area), kizoku.in (Kizoku-in – House of Peers in Japan), llunda.in (Llundain-Welsh for London, UK), The Taj Mahal in India UNESCO Heritage

(boudain-highly seasoned pork and rice sausage),

(glassed-in – enclosed by panes of glass), roughing.in (roughing-in – applying first coat of plaster on brick)

(swearing-in – taking oath officially)

(Apo-Gain – used topically to promote regrowth of hair), bromela.in (bromelain-enzyme from pineapples), closedcha.in (closed-chain – molecule with atom linked by bonds), inand.in (in-and-in – breeding repeatedly among closely related animals), longcha.in (long-chain – long chain of atoms in molecule), lyings.in (lyings-in – facilities for childbirth), opencha.in (open-chain – of molecules having open chain structures), outga.in (outgain-gain more than another), proxymetaca.in (Proxymetacain-topical anesthetic), scilla.in (scillain-substance extracted from coastal Mediterranean plant), straightcha.in (straight-chain – open chain of atoms), tetraca.in (Tetracain-topical anesthetic), treatchilbla.in (treat chilblain-inflammation cased by exposure to cold)

(whipper-in – assists in handling a pack of hounds while foxhunting, UK), whippers.in (plural for whipper-in)

(born-again – making commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior), coorda.in (coordain-appoint along with another), disencha.in (disenchain-set free from restraint), foreorda.in (foreordain-appoint before hand), pleabarga.in (plea-bargain – agree to plead guilty), reorda.in (reordain-ordain again), thereaga.in (thereagain-in opposition to), tubalca.in (Tubal-cain – son of Lamech in the Bible), turnaga.in (turnagain-180 degree turn)

5. .es ccTLD for Spain

Spain is known the world over for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches thanks to an expansive coastline that almost emcompasses the country, had it not been for its neighbours Portugal in the West and France in the North. It is also famous for siestas (afternoon naps) as well as the controversial bullfighting culture. The country’s .es ccTLD is the 22nd most popular right after India with over 1.77million registered domain names. Below are some domain name ideas based on words that end with “es”.

(fight bribes-dishonest pursuasions using money), notobrib.es (no to bribes)

(bathrobes-robes worn before or after a bath/swim), blacklac.es (black laces-delicate fabrics with decorative pattern), chifforob.es (chifforobes-articles of furniture with both a chest of drawers and wardrobe), coalfac.es (coalfaces-exposed seams of coal in a mine), flashcub.es (flashcubes – cube-shaped devices used in photography), garderob.es (garderobes-wardrobes), postfac.es (postfaces-brief articles at the end of books), transcrib.es (makes written copy of dictated material/audio recording)

(best memes-imitations of persons or events that spread across the internet/social media), bifac.es (bifaces-stone age tool with two faces), birthplac.es (birthplaces-where people/things originate), dailymem.es (daily memes), delib.es (Delibes-French ballet composer), dogfac.es (Dogfaces-US Army foot soldiers in World War II), epheb.es (Youth between 18 and 20 years of age in ancient Greece), likemb.es (likembes-traditional African musical instruments with tuned metal tongues), mozarab.es ( Mozárabes-Christians of Moorish Spain), rebb.es (Rebbes-Jewish spiritual leaders), trab.es Beautiful Spain, Columbus Monument, Barcelona(trabes-Northern English for training shoes), wannab.es (wannabes-people who aspier to certain roles/positions), wouldb.es (would-bes – those professing to be),

(daubes-braised meat stews), demiglac.es (demi-glaces – rich sauces used as a base for other sauces), icecub.es (ice cubes-small pieces of ice), perceb.es (percebes-expensive seafood delicacy in Portugal and Spain), sunda.es (sundaes-ice cream with various toppings)

(fireplaces-open bases of chimneys where fires burn/are fed), resurfac.es (resurfaces-covers with a new surface)

(diatribes-bitter criticisms), peac.es (peaces-plural of peace), voltefac.es (volte-faces – reversals in opinion/policy)

(aerobes-organisms requiring oxygen to live), agoraphob.es (agoraphobes-people with abnormal fear of being in public spaces), ailurophob.es (ailurophobes-people who hate/fear cats), anaerob.es (anaerobes-organisms that can live in the absence of oxygen), arachnophob.es (arachnophobes-people with abnormal fear of spiders), astilb.es (astilbes-perinnial flowering plants native to East Asia), bullac.es (bullaces-small Eurasian trees), chromophob.es (chromophobes-cells that don’t stain easily), claustrophob.es (claustrophobes-people with abnormal fear of confined spaces), earlob.es (earlobes-lower parts of external ear), englob.es (englobes-surrounds with a globe), jujub.es (jujubes-small thorny shrubs), microprob.es (microprobes-devices used in microanalysis), nanob.es (nanobes-very small microbes), nanotub.es (nanotubes-carbon moluecules with cylindrical shape), ophidiophob.es (ophidiophobes-people with abnormal fear of snakes), pigfac.es (pigfaces-creeping succulent plants), phototub.es (phototubes-vacuum tubes sensitive to light), saprob.es (saprobes-types of fungi), scarabaeida.es (scarabaeidaes-giant water bugs), subsurfac.es (subsurfaces-areas beneath the surface), sungreb.es (sungrebes-small aquatic tropical bird of the Americas), surfac.es (surfaces-outer boundaries of objects), technophob.es (technophobes-people who are afraid of high technology and devices such as computers), testtub.es (test-tubes – thin glass cylinders enclosed on one end used in a lab) undersurfac.es (undersurfaces-bottom sides of an object), vendac.es (vendaces-small whitefishes of Northern Europe), verruca.es (wartlike growths on plants/animals)

(Colombes-surburb of Paris, France), greb.es (grebes-types of birds that swim and dive), sidibelabb.es (Sidi-bel-Abbès – city in Algeria)

(ascribes-credits to a particular origin), circumscrib.es (circumscribes-encloses all around), conglob.es (conglobes-gathers into a globe/ball), defac.es (defaces-spoils in appearance), effac.es (effaces-wipes out), enfac.es (enfaces-writes on the face of something e.g letter or cheque), misdescrib.es (misdescribes-describes wrongly), outfac.es (outfaces-stares down), oversubscrib.es (oversubscribes-subscribe in excess of available supply), proscrib.es (proscribes-prohibits/forbids), superscrib.es (superscribes-writes on upper part of/outside surface), unsubscrib.es (unsubscribes-cancles subscription)

There you have it!

5 cool country code domain name ideas. I hope that this article has sparked a domain name idea for your business or project. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the topic. One cool feature about NETIM‘s platform is that you can search for the availability of up to 50 domain names at a time. Simply type them out in a single column (one below the other) in any text editor and paste them in the search bar all at once! Remember, only a maximum of 50 entries can be searched for at any one time. Happy searching!


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