African Domain Names That Can Help You Standout

You have probably seen domain names that end with extensions other than the usual [dot]com, [dot]org or [dot]net. Specifically and probably one of the most common is, the company that helps you transform your long URLs into shorter, catchier links whose statistics you can then analyze for traffic.

Well, did you know that .ly is actually the Country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the North African Country Libya? And just in case you were wondering if you too could own a domain with a similar extension, the answer is yes. In this article, I will share five African domain names that can help you standout. I will also share some examples of each ccTLD that were still available for registration at the time of publishing this article.


1. .ly ccTLD for Libya

I just thought I would continue right from where I had stopped in my introduction. The ongoing civil wars ravaging this country are the only sad bit about this once prosperous oil-rich country. According to Statista, Libya’s GDP grew from approximately US$93Billion in 1984 and peaked at US$220.5 in 2007 (Apple by comparison had a net income of US$3.5Billion in the same year). This astronomical wealth has unfortunately dropped to US$34.75Billion in 2020.

On the brighter side, the number of words that end in LY accord us numerous options to grab brandable domains.

Some Examples

Added[dot]ly, adhoc[dot]ly affab[dot]ly, algal[dot]ly, alien[dot]ly, aloof[dot]ly, amiab[dot]ly, Antic[dot]ly, Apert[dot]ly, Apeta[dot]ly, Apish[dot]ly, April[dot]ly, Areal[dot]ly, Artsi[dot]ly, Atter[dot]ly, Axial[dot]ly, Azure[dot]ly, Baggi[dot]ly, Bairn[dot]ly, Balmi[dot]ly, Banal[dot]ly, Barmi[dot]ly, Barru[dot]ly, Basal[dot]ly


2. .ng ccTLD for the Federal Republic of Nigeria

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Nigeria as of 1st July 2020 was the 6th most populous country in the world with over 214million people. Nigeria is also home to Africa’s largest and most populous city, Lagos, estimated by World Atlas to have a 21million strong population as of June 2019. The country, according to Wikipedia is also the world’s 12th largest producer of petroleum and has the 10th largest proven reserves.

Thankfully, this populous nation also accords as an equally limitless number of domain names that end in NG. Below are some of the examples that can help you stand out.

Some examples

driftraci[dot]ng, dunebashi[dot]ng, mountaineeri[dot]ng, representi[dot]ng, trailblazi[dot]ng, Aboundi[dot]ng, Abridgi[dot]ng, Abseili[dot]ng, Absolvi[dot]ng, Absorbi[dot]ng, Accenti[dot]ng, Accepti[dot]ng, Accessi[dot]ng, Accordi[dot]ng, Achievi[dot]ng, Acquiri[dot]ng, Actuati[dot]ng, Adjoini[dot]ng, Adjusti[dot]ng, Admitti[dot]ng, Adsorbi[dot]ng, Advanci[dot]ng, Affecti[dot]ng, Affirmi[dot]ng, Affordi[dot]ng, Alighti[dot]ng, Allotti[dot]ng, Analysi[dot]ng, Analyzi[dot]ng, Anchori[dot]ng, Animati[dot]ng, Electi[dot]ng, Anointi[dot]ng, Answeri[dot]ng, Appeali[dot]ng, Approvi[dot]ng, Ascendi[dot]ng, Ascribi[dot]ng, Assisti[dot]ng


3. .ke ccTLD for Kenya

This East African Country is probably best known for its safaris. Tourists from all over the world get to enjoy the best of Africa’s big five mammals (cape buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinoceros) all in one location. The most popular of Kenya’s game-viewing locations is the Maasai Mara, which is home to the spectacular wildebeest migration. Tourists in their thousands flock this game park from late July to early September to witness the wildebeest migrate North and from late October to early November as they migrate back South. The migration occurs across open plains where prides of lions lie in wait to prey on hordes of wildebeest. The migrating wildebeest also cross the treacherous Mara River where hungry crocodiles pick out the less fortunate of the migrating herd. This entire spectacle despite the vicious cycle of predator-prey is a must-see.

The Kenyan ccTLD offers us a number of domain name options, thanks to the countless numbers of words that end in KE.

Some examples

DirtBi[dot]ke, SuperBi[dot]ke, Turnpi[dot]ke, Adobeli[dot]ke, Adultli[dot]ke, Aerobra[dot]ke, Airstri[dot]ke, Antismo[dot]ke, Brookli[dot]ke, Canebra[dot]ke, Childli[dot]ke, Corncra[dot]ke, Earthli[dot]ke, Flameli[dot]ke, Flintli[dot]ke, Forespa[dot]ke, Forespo[dot]ke, Friedca[dot]ke, Fruitca[dot]ke, Fruitli[dot]ke, Giantli[dot]ke, Graywac[dot]ke, Grubsta[dot]ke, Handspi[dot]ke, Jonnyca[dot]ke, Keystro[dot]ke, Kittiwa[dot]ke, Lookali[dot]ke, Mapleli[dot]ke, Shortca[dot]ke


4. .so ccTLD for Somalia

Popularly referred to as the “Horn of Africa”, Somalia is home to the continent’s longest coastline (3,333Km/2,071Mi). The country is unfortunately also infamous for sea piracy, leading to the production of some blockbuster movies including Captain Phillips (2013) and The Pirates of Somalia (2017) among others. The national economy is nevertheless heavily reliant on the export of live animals, accounting for 38.6% of total exports according to Worlds Top Exports.

Thanks to a number of unique words that end in SO this domain name gives us some great results.

Some examples

INeverToldYou[dot]so, Spirito[dot]so, Doloro[dot]so, HotEspres[dot]so, HotExpres[dot]so, Gracio[dot]so, Maesto[dot]so, Pastit[dot]so, Vigoro[dot]so, Amoro[dot]so, OriginalCalyp[dot]so, Chami[dot]so, Meste[dot]so, Nitro[dot]so, DeepBas[dot]so, LongCan[dot]so, TheCus[dot]so, HelpForDip[dot]so, Kus[dot]so


5. .ma ccTLD for The Kingdom of Morocco

This North African country at the entrance of the Mediterranean sea is perhaps best known for its Medinas, which are historical downtown districts ladden with an assortment of jewelry, rugs, leather products and other handicrafts. Moroccan-style archtecture too is themed with elaborate arching building patterns and colorful ceramic tiles. Electrical machinery accounts for the Kingdom’s top exports bringing in US$5.3billion according to Worlds Top Exports. Morocco is also home to some popular tourist destinations such Casablanca, Marrakesh and Fes.

This ccTLD gives us quite a number of options when it comes to memorable domain names

Some examples

Cyclora[dot]ma, Docudra[dot]ma, Exanthe[dot]ma, Grandma[dot]ma, Hybrido[dot]ma, BestMelodra[dot]ma, Monodra[dot]ma, Penulti[dot]ma, Protone[dot]ma, ComfyPyja[dot]ma, AllPlas[dot]ma, MonoChro[dot]ma, RecipiesByGrand[dot]ma

Additionally, MA is the U.S. Postal Service abbreviation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As you can imagine, this gives us limitless possibilities for brands or services that want to stand out in this State.

Some more examples

GreatBrunch[dot]ma, LawPractice[dot]ma, Hospitals[dot]ma, Retirement[dot]ma, HealthInsurance[dot]ma, Mortgages[dot]ma, Movers[dot]ma, Robotics[dot]ma, Headhunting[dot]ma, HumanResources[dot]ma, VentureCapital[dot]ma, InvestmentBanking[dot]ma, HealthyDiets[dot]ma, WorkFromHome[dot]ma, StayHomeMum[dot]ma


That just about wraps it up!

Thanks for taking time to read this article. I hope you have been inspired to try out these African Domain Names. Whereas they are country-specific, there are no restrictions to their registration regardless of your country of origin.

Just to reiterate, all the examples shared in this article were available for registration at the time of publication. To grab your African Domain, simply visit Netim, a domain name registrar and hosting service provider, key in any of these examples and proceed to make your purchase.

As always, I look forward to your feedback so kindly drop me a comment in the secton below and I will be sure to respond.

6 thoughts on “African Domain Names That Can Help You Standout”

  1. Very interesting article and I never knew that domain names could be so powerful and create good exposure to your website. The morocco domain names are an interesting, but i do have a question… if you had a online store in the UK but you wanted to target consumers from the African market, would a simple change of domain help you target this demographic better? 

    Thanks, Joe

    • Domain names can indeed be a powerful asset to your online business. To answer your question, I wouldn’t entirely change my domain if my current online store has already gained traction. I would simply acquire the African equivalent and run both concurrently, the same way Amazon and Ebay do for their US, UK and Canadian stores. That way, you appeal to your current market while also roping in new demographics. And finally, yes. People tend to pay more attention if a brand has taken time to acquire the ccTLD of their nation of origin or residence.

      I hope this answers your question Joe. Thanks for commenting.

      We are Blessed. 

  2. Good day Mark. I feel glad reading this article because I am African. It is great to get to know more about Africa in terms of African domain names that will standout. I knew about the other domain names, except the Libyan domain name. I never knew .ly was for Libya. Now I know haven read this article. Thanks for this lovely piece of information and for creating the awareness of African domain names.

  3. This is very interesting! I had no idea that there were so many possibilities regarding domain names. I know the links, but it never occurred to me that .ly could also refer to Lybia. It’s great that there are no restrictions to your country of origin for registration, so these domain names can be used internationally, right?


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