Great 4 Letter .COM Domains Available for Auction

I must admit that it is becoming harder by the day to find brandable domain names as more and more businesses migrate online. This migration has been further accelerated by fact that some countries around the world are considering or have entered into a second wave of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That notwithstanding, … Read more

African Domain Names That Can Help You Standout

You have probably seen domain names that end with extensions other than the usual [dot]com, [dot]org or [dot]net. Specifically and probably one of the most common is, the company that helps you transform your long URLs into shorter, catchier links whose statistics you can then analyze for traffic. Well, did you know that .ly … Read more

Top Picks from Sedo’s GreatDomains Auction

It is day three of Sedo’s GreatDomains Auction for the month of October and we are beginning to see some movement in the table. 192 domain names have been lined up in this auction that began on 22nd and runs till 6:00PM CET (4:00PM GMT) on Thursday 29th October 2020. In this article, I will … Read more

Best of Sedo’s 4-Letter .com Domains Auction

As the world continues to grapple with various degrees of “stay-at-home” regulations and restricted movements, business transactions seem to have shifted online. One way they have managed to stand out is by using a unique, memorable domain names. In this article I will share my best of sedo’s 4-letter .com domains auction. On 24th September … Read more

Top 7 List – Domain Extensions

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to register a fancy domain extension such as .CAR or .INC for your car dealership/fan page or business entity? Wonder no more. In this article I will review the Top 7 List – Domain Extensions by price as sold by NETIM, a French domain name reseller. All … Read more

5 Cool Country Code Domain Name Ideas

Country code Top Level Domains or ccTLDs as they are more popularly known are domain name extensions that are usually reserved for countries or sovereign states and territories. I say “usually” because some of these extensions have since been opened up for registration by anyone in any part of the world, provided they meet the … Read more

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platform for Domains

You have most probably heard of or encountered this scenario before. You land on the perfect domain name and pleasantly discover that you can secure it for less than a dollar! Genuinely excited, you quickly pay for it, only to learn that you have to pay extra for the associated email package. No problem! Still … Read more

Own Your Domain Name Forever With Epik, A Quick Review, a company that prides itself in being called the “Swiss Bank of Domains” came up with another daring move. I say daring because they came up with an offer of a one-time cost that will enable you to own your domain name forever with epik. That last bit “with epik” is particularly important because … Read more

Finding Gold at Domain Name Auctions

A nugget of gold

Domain Names are big business. Very big business. Just to put this into context, according to an article published on DN Journal; The Domain Industry News Magazine, between Monday 9th and Sunday 15th March 2020, sales of two domain names fetched over US$1million. Yes, you read right. In fact, to be more precise, US$1,029,940. This … Read more