Best of Sedo’s 4-Letter .com Domains Auction

As the world continues to grapple with various degrees of “stay-at-home” regulations and restricted movements, business transactions seem to have shifted online. One way they have managed to stand out is by using a unique, memorable domain names. In this article I will share my best of sedo’s 4-letter .com domains auction.

On 24th September 2020, Sedo announced its auction of over 300 4-letter domains. The auction is set to end on 1st October 2020 at 6:00PM CET (4:00PM GMT). As I am unable to review all 300+ domains, I’ll share my best 12, which should hopefully spark some ideas of your own. Here are those 12 in alphabetical order.

1. drco[dot]com

The number of acronyms you can find that match this domain could explain why it was the second most popular item on auction at the time of writing this article. It had already received 22 bids, a figure that was likely to go up as the auction draws to a close.


My suggestions

  • With dr for Doctor and Co for Colorado, this can be a memorable domain for a medical practitioner in this State
  • With dr for Dear and Co for Colorado, what comes to mind is a blog that shares inspiring stories about this State
  • With dr for Dining Room and Co for Colorado, a franchise could snap this up for their dining outlets in the State
  • With dr for Digital Research and Co for Colorado, a firm into any kind of Data or IT research in Colorado could just have the perfect 4-letter domain.

2. jhxe[dot]com

India, the world’s second most populous country is divided into States. Jharkhand is one of the less known and populous of these States, located in the East of India near Bangladesh. With Jh as the State acronym, we have a number of options for possible domain names.


My suggestions

  • Jh-Jharkand xe-Xenon can be a good match for a dealer of xenon based equipment and accessories in this State. These include photographic flash lamps, or Xenon car headlamps and spotlights
  • Jh-Jharkand XE-Foreign Exchange, can be a precise domain name for a forex bureau/currency exchange center or money transfer agent or company in this State.

3. jnxp[dot]com

The gaming industry today is worth hundreds and billions of dollars. What was previously only regarded as recreational has turned into a profession for some. The successful ones have taken it a notch higher by combining gaming and YouTube to command millions of views as their fans keep up with the action in real-time. This domain name would therefore fit right into this industry.

My suggestion

  • JN-Just Now XP-Experience Point. XP is the unit used to measure a player’s life experience and progression through the game. This domain would suit a particular gamer or a fan who likes to keep real-time track of their favorite gamers’ prowess.

4. nwzv[dot]com

Meat-less of meat free diets are becoming more popular around the world as citizens become more health conscious. In Europe and the Netherlands in particular, there is a whole movement and to help make a statement, they now have an entire week dedicated to “No Meat”. In German ZV is also an acronym for Civil Defense. This sets us up for a two possible domain derivations.


My suggestions


  • NWZV (Nationale Week Zonder Vlees) National Week Without Meat in Dutch. This domain would make this movement more visible in the English-speaking part of the world
  • NW-National Week of ZV-Zivilverteidigung (Civil Defense) could make a great domain for a week long celebration of the gains of Civil Defense

5. opth[dot]com

Opth is the short form of Ophthalmology, the branch of medicine and surgery which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. At the time of publishing this article, this domain was the sixth most popular item on auction, understandably so. Who wouldn’t want to own this short catchy domain name for their medical practice?

6. serd[dot]com

This is another catch for medical practitioners or dispensers of medical prescriptions. According to Wikipedia, a Selective Estrogen Receptor Degrader (SERD) is a type of drug which binds to the estrogen receptor and, in the process of doing so, causes the ER to be degraded and thus downregulated. In simple terms, drugs in this category are useful for the treatment of breast cancer.

7. txvj[dot]com

This 4-letter domain presents us with some of the best prospects in today’s lineup. Texas abbreviated TX, also the second largest State of the US is more popular around the world for its cowboys and rodeo. Thanks to the Westerns, cowboy boots are better known in some places of the world as Texas boots. This acronym alone gives us a number of possible applications for this domain.


My suggestions

  • TX-Texas VJ-Video Jockey; domain could be a great catch for any TV or live performances’ announcer or company that promotes such talent in the state
  • TX-Texas VJ-Video game Junkie; ideal domain for a professional or amateur gamer based in Texas
  • TX-Texas VJ-Video Journalist; a perfect domain for anyone or any company into documentaries, live coverage of news and events or investigative journalism in Texas.

8. tyzv[dot]com

Apart from the Civil Defense option mentioned in 4. above, the ZV acronym presents us with another option; the German equivalent of central locking system.


My suggestions

  • TY-Thank You ZV-Zentralverriegelung (Automobile central locking system), can be a great domain for companies into the manufacture or fitting of central locking systems or related accessories for car security.
  • TY-Thank You ZV-Zivilverteidigung (Civil Defense); a good option for a forum or advocacy group that recognizes good civil defense lawyers and gives the public useful tips and information in the field.

9. uohq[dot]com

For anyone who has experienced the tranquility that comes with visiting the countryside, the mention of the word “outdoors” can act as a portal to escape the concrete jungle and associated noise, pedestrian and car traffic as well as pollution. This unique domain when unpacked gives us UO-Unlimited Outdoors and HQ-Headquarters, which could serve as a great option for a franchise or dealership of equipment, gear, vehicles and other accessories that cater to the outdoor lifestyle.

10. vtdk[dot]com

As unfathomable as it may seem, these four letters do give us some great options for possible domain name application. Right from travel/transportation, institutional application to gaming, I’ve got you covered.

My suggestions

  • VT-Vermont to Denmark (DK), could be a great domain for a travel agent that books flights or tour itineraries between these two destinations in the US and Europe.
  • VTDK-Vilniaus Technologijų ir Dizaino Kolegija (Vilnius College of Technologies and Design) is a Lithuanian state institution of higher education established in 1954. This could be a great domain for the city surrounding this college that lists various amenities ranging from accommodation and recreation to temporary jobs. 
  • VT-Virginia Tech DK-Divine Knights; presents a great option for the gaming community at VT for this and any other characters that may match the DK acronym.

11. vwmb[dot]com

This too, although a seemingly tricky option presents us with two great options for the food and automobile industries.


My suggestions

  • VWMB-Vic Wide Meat Brokers; a supplier of some of Australia’s best beef, lamb, pork and veal. Can be a great domain for their international distribution or an Australian-based reseller. 
  • VW-Volkswagen MB-Manitoba; a great domain for a Volkswagen car dealer in Manitoba, Canada’s fifth most populous province.

12. vyad[dot]com

Vyad is the name of a village in Washim District, Maharashtra State, India. Maharashtra is located in the Western peninsular region of the country and is also home to Mumbai, the center of Bollywood-India’s film industry. This is a great domain for any kinds of listings ranging from hotels and tourist sites to businesses and various professional services.

And it’s a wrap…

My 12 best of Sedo’s 4-letter .com domains auction, along with their proposed uses. I hope you have been inspired to check out the auction which has slightly over 48 hours left to go. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this review.

4 thoughts on “Best of Sedo’s 4-Letter .com Domains Auction”

  1. Thank you so much for all these options! With COVID sticking around and me being stuck at home, I have been trying to find alternative ways to make money. Maybe I can purchase one of these domains, optimize it, and start earning money that way. I currently work from home but I’m afraid to lose my job so I’m trying to rely on myself. Maybe this will be my next hope. I wouldn’t have known about any of this if I didn’t run into your site, so I’m glad I did

    • Thanks too for taking time to read the article and comment Misael. I’m glad that the review has given you some ideas as you seek alternative MMO options. Here’s to your success!

      We are Blessed.

  2. Hello Mark, having a domain name that is really short and easy for anyone to easily remember is very nice and these are some of the coolest I’ve seen so far. I have been on my learning phase in the online world and getting ti open my own site soon, it would be nice to get a short domain name to start with. 

    • Hello and thanks for your comment Justin. Sedo’s current auction provides quite a lineup short domain names to pick from so all the best as you choose before the auction closes on 1st October.

      We are Blessed.


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