Create a Domain Name Easily – Your Unique Online Identity

Let’s face it. We all love to stand out be it spectacularly or modestly. We just want that uniqueness that’s distinctly us. This is even more important online. There are hundreds of thousands of websites with amazing content, each leaving their own impression upon us. Nevertheless, as you comb through tens if not hundreds of websites in a day, Stand out from the crowdweek or month, you’ll gradually remember some more easily than others. If you carefully work backwards, you’ll realize that those with short precise addresses were easier to remember. That’s what this article is all about. A simple walk though on how to create a domain name easily, one that will give you that unique personal identity online and help you to stand out from the crowd.

A good name sells

Why should you create your own domain name anyway? After all, there are loads of popular sites today that will offer you a free sub domain ( and have you up and running under thirty minutes. The reason is simple; popularsite2019 may be your go-to for all your online needs now but there’s no saying what your tastes will be in one or five years time. However, your own unique name will stick with you through the trends, highs and lows.

So let’s say you choose to set up today and work diligently and hard at making it all about you, yourbusiness, your passions, yourhobby. Five years down the road, it would have gained popularity and authority as the go-to place on the internet for you, yourbusiness, your passions, yourhobby. Best of all, you would have built it up through all the trends, highs and lows and as such, made it distinctly stand out as a good name; the go-to for loads of like-minded people. And there you have it, you’d have spent five years making and selling your own good name, other than popularsite2019‘s.

Keep it simple

Keep-it-simple-yellow-flowerSo how do you go about creating a good domain name. The first tip is to always keep it simple. The shorter the better. This is not to take any credit away from domain names such as but here’s the catch. In the event that you forget whether they walked or ran or whether it was in twenty or ten years you’re toast. Now imagine if either you or the site owner made a grammatical error while typing out or creating the domain name, finding a needle in ten haystacks would be easier.

The key therefore is to keep it as simple and as short as possible. The easiest option will always be if it’s still available, you are in business. If its for a brand or hobby and the name is already taken, don’t despair. Every brand has a feeling or sensation attached. Try defining your brand or hobby with Keep trying until you find the perfect match.

Ride the wave


A quick search of the most popular top-level domains shows that .com and .org sites carry the day. Over 45% of domain names in the world are .com while over 4.5% are .org. To put this into context, if you were in a room of a hundred people, Slightly over 45 of them would have their last name as .com and about 5 of them would have theirs as .org. Supposing that you walked into the room without a last name and your objective was to get found easily by those outside the room, what name would you chose? I’d personally choose .com as my last name to meet my objective.

By choosing a .com or .org, you would have hitched a ride on the popularity wave and would have guaranteed yourself more chances of being spotted; even randomly, by anyone who peers into the room.

There are so many domain registrars and resellers out there but my personal choice is Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix domain registration platform. It’s simple to use and has a great support team in the event that you need any help. You will have to create a free account to access the domain registration platform.

Think long-term

thinking-girlFads and trends are great. You have loads of people talking about the same thing at the same time. This is an easy way to gain quick popularity for your domain name or make a quick sale. That notwithstanding, a newer and catchier trend will soon hit the scene and just as night follows day, the crowds will melt away in search of the hot new kid.

It is therefore essential that you avoid creating your domain name based on anything that’s time bound. It is important to think long-term right from the onset. Choose a name that is evergreen; one that can stand the test of time. Movies are great and chart-topping blockbusters are even greater. However, as soon as the next blockbuster is set for release, the countdown starts and soon the tables are turned. However, deep down there is that one movie that you can never get enough of. You will watch it over and over again without tiring and discover something new each time. Those are the qualities of evergreen. Think of eliciting the same feeling when creating your domain name.

Believe That You’ll Grow

boy-with-a-hatA great domain name is like a great tree; once it is firmly rooted in the ground it will grow numerous branches that take its height to a whole new level each day. Always think of your domain name as a parent that will one day have children. If such a parent had the option of building their own house, their blueprint would have loads of free spaces and in addition to the more common lounge, dining and kitchen spaces.

As you create your domain name create an entity that will be able to incorporate all those light bulb moments. Leave room for expansion. Do not let your new ideas feel orphaned. Think not That way, you will be able to accommodate any great movie you find despite the year it was released.

A good asset appreciates

Your domain name is virtual real estate; your own unique location on the internet. Depending on who moves in next door or who seeks to buy up your entire neighborhood, your property value can skyrocket overnight. Just like the value of a good property appreciates over time, the value of your short, simple, future-looking domain name will appreciate over time. It very important that you are convinced right from the start that you are investing in a great asset and you will surely reap the corresponding value.