Domain Ideas for Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs

According to the Affiliate Program Search section on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, Health and Fitness ranks right at the top of popular categories. This might not be news but the various phases of lockdown implemented by governments across the globe have meant that we’ve all had quite some time to reflect on our well being.

To help put this into context, the Financial Times in August 2020 reported that US dietary supplement sales were 16.7 percent higher than a year ago. Prior to that, a NY Times article in June 2020 reported that one exercise equipment store’s sales skyrocketed more than 600 percent! In this article I will share a few domain ideas for health and fitness affiliate programs that can help your business stand out as you promote this lucrative niche. I will share five of these affiliate programs as well as prospective domain ideas for each.

Why would I need a domain name/website to promote an affiliate program?

This is a good and very valid question, because after all, you can just post your affiliate links on social media. I will tell you why with just these two simple reasons.

  1. Reputation: Unless you were a buyer who’s already sold on a purchase, you would want a little more information on the product. Being redirected to a landing page with more details about the product, some testimonials is always a more convincing approach in my opinion. With time, your domain name will become associated with products in the niche and build your business’ reputation in that field.

  2. Transferability: In the event that your business model picks up and someone makes an offer to take it over, having a personalized domain name would make the transfer process way easier.

Let’s now get into those affiliate programs and domain name ideas.

1. P R O V E N

ProVen prides itself in being “possibly, one of the world’s best natural weight loss supplements”.

With a Gravity of 522.22, it means that approximately 522 distinct affiliates have earned commission by promoting the ProVen affiliate program in the past 12 weeks. Other statistics include: Initial $/sale: $141.23, Average %/sale: 72.0%, Average Rebill Total: $0.35, Average %/rebill: 3.0%

Meaning of the other statistics

  • Initial $/sale: Average amount that an affiliate earns in commission for each sale of one of this vendor’s products.
  • Average %/sale: Average commission rate earned for all sales of a vendor’s products.
  • Average Rebill Total: Average amount an affiliate makes in commission on all the rebilled sales of a recurring product, not including the initial sale
  • Average %/rebill: Average commission rate earned only on rebills if vendor offers recurring billing products.

Domain Ideas

  • Nature’s Best Aid – naturesbestaid[dot]com
  • Nature’s Proven – naturesproven[dot]com
  • Proven Natural Aid – provennaturalaid[dot]com
  • Proven Natural Loss – provennaturalloss[dot]com
  • Nature’s Weight Loss Pick – naturesweightlosspick[dot]com
  • Choose Natural Weight Loss – choosenaturalweightloss[dot]com

2. Steel Bite Pro

Steel Bite Pro is an all-natural remedy to a host of factors that plague our dental health and hygiene, requiring us to visit the dentist more often than we should. These may include; bleeding gums, tooth cavities which may necessitate filling, root canals or outright extraction, bad breath, tartar and plaque build up among others.

Statistics from this affiliate program are; Gravity: 266.34, Initial $/sale: $109.56, Average %/sale: 60.0%, Average Rebill Total: $0.00, Average %/rebill: 0.0%

Domain Ideas [dot]com

  • Crisp Breath – crispbreath[dot]com
  • Glossy Whites – glossywhites[dot]com
  • Strong White Teeth – strongwhiteteeth[dot]com
  • Strong Gums – stronggums[dot]com
  • Precisely Set – preciselyset[dot]com

Domain Ideas other TLDs

  • Dazzling Smiles – dazzlingsmil[dot]es
  • Glossy Whites – glossywhit[dot]es
  • Pearly Whites – pearlywhit[dot]es
  • Perfect Smiles – perfectsmil[dot]es

3. Top Tinnitus Offer

Tinnitus is a symptom that presents in the form of ringing in the ears usually caused by diseases that lead to hearing loss or physical conditions such as head injuries due to accidents. The Top Tinnitus Offer is an affiliate program that markets a dietary supplement called “Sonus Complete” that helps support healthy hearing.

Affiliate program statistics; Gravity: 154.33, Initial $/sale: $114.45, Average %/sale: 64.0%, Average Rebill Total: $0.00, Average %/rebill: 0.0%

Domain Ideas [dot]com

  • Catch The Whisper – catchthewhisper[dot]com
  • Hear Every Note – heareverynote[dot]com
  • Distinct Hearing – distincthearing[dot]com
  • Distinctly Clear – distinctlyclear[dot]com

Domain Ideas other TLDs

  • All The Notes – allthenot[dot]es
  • Distinct Hearing – distinctheari[dot]ng
  • Perfect Hearing – perfectheari[dot]ng
  • Perfect Notes – perfectnot[dot]es
  • Sweet Chimes – sweetchim[dot]es

4. Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is an affiliate program for a 3-step digital product with a promise to help participants reverse their type 2 diabetes. The three steps are a combination of a pancreas restart nutrition plan, a metabolism boosting blueprint and meal-timing strategies.

According to the World Health Organization, type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin or doesn’t produce enough insulin. About 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. 2019 data by Statista showed that China has the highest number of diabetics worldwide at 116.4 million, closely followed by India and the United States at 77 million and 31 million respectively. With the numbers only increasing annually, affiliate programs like these should give people with diabetes some hope apart from medication.

Affiliate program statistics; Gravity: 251.78, Initial $/sale: $43.48, Average %/sale: 80.0%

Domain Ideas [dot]com

  • Beat Diabetes Forever – beatdiabetesforever[dot]com
  • Diabetes Free Lives – diabetesfreelives[dot]com
  • Help For Type 2 Diabetes – helpfortype2diabetes[dot]com

Domain Ideas other TLDs

  • Beat Diabetes – beatdiabet[dot]es
  • Beat Type 2 Diabetes – beattype2diabet[dot]es
  • Fight Diabetes – fightdiabet[dot]es
  • Help For Diabetes – helpfordiabet[dot]es
  • No More Diabetes – nomorediabet[dot]es
  • No More Type 2 Diabetes – nomoretype2diabet[dot]es
  • Remedies For Diabetes – remediesfordiabet[dot]es

5. Custom Keto

Yes. I know what you just thought, “another keto diet plan!”. Well, I did think the same too. However, there must be something right with the Custom Keto affiliate program to merit the statistics below.

Affiliate program statistics; Gravity: 353.60, Initial $/sale: $24.42, Average %/sale: 65.0%, Average Rebill Total: $56.04, Average %/rebill: 75.0%

This is an 8-week custom keto meal plan for people who are serious about achieving permanent fat loss. However, the program clearly says it can’t help you if you; don’t take action, are unwilling to follow an expert’s instructions and are not interested in using science-based dieting strategies.

Domain Ideas [dot]com

  • Keto For The…. – ketoforthe[dot]com
  • Serious Keto Dieting – seriouisketodieting[dot]com
  • Effective Keto Diets – effectiveketodiets[dot]com
  • 8 Week Keto Diets – 8weekketodiets[dot]com
  • Slim Down Keto Meals – slimdownketomeals[dot]com
  • Slim Down Keto Plans – slimdownketoplans[dot]com
  • Get In Shape With Keto – getinshapewithketo[dot]com

Domain Ideas other TLDs

  • Keto Dieting – ketodieti[dot]ng
  • Keto Meal Planning – ketomealplanni[dot]ng


I hope that you have enjoyed my article on domain ideas for health and fitness affiliate programs. My preferred source of [dot]com domain names is the Wealthy Affiliate, largely due to the purchase price that remains unchanged at annual renewal. However, one has to be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate to have access to this benefit as well as many more.

I’m not a big fan of digits in my domain names but only felt compelled to use them in instances where they were in line with the proposed affiliate programs. All domain featured were still available for registration at the time of publishing this article. The other non [dot]com TLDs can easily be purchased at NETIM.

Thanks for reading till the end. I look forward to hearing your comments or feedback on this article.

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  1. Oh! Good to see something like this here. In all honesty, I value everything you shared here because it makes quote a lot of sense. You know being able to really cwntealise what your website is on and focus it on what you are promoting will help a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this here. 

  2. Hello Mark, thank you for sharing this truly helpful and informative article about domain ideas  for health and fitness affiliate programs. This was really valuable information that you have shared and I’m sure it will be useful to a lot of people who are looking to start an affiliate domain and as you have mentioned, the health sector is the most promising. 

    • Hello Beesean,

      I’m glad that you found the article helpful and informative. The health and fitness niche does come with quite some competition and so it is important to stand out. A matching domain is a good way to start.

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  4. You have given some good ideas for those domains in the health and wellness niches!

    It’s also helpful that you have explained the process of deciding with the value, based on reputation and even transferability. Anyone might decide to sell their site in the future and having a name that is easy to identify and works with the niche is certainly a bonus to add value.

    Thanks for sharing these unique ideas!

  5. Wow! assuming the domain ideas mentioned in the article are all available, you have done a lot of domain name research, which is commendable. If someone is interested in affiliate marketing, having the best domain name to connect with a possible audience is important, and I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps train people who might have an interest in starting an affiliate marketing program in any niche.

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