Great 4 Letter .COM Domains Available for Auction

I must admit that it is becoming harder by the day to find brandable domain names as more and more businesses migrate online. This migration has been further accelerated by fact that some countries around the world are considering or have entered into a second wave of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That notwithstanding, Sedo, the domain name marketplace has unveiled 241 domain names for auction with a reserve range of 1 to 99 Euros.

In this article, I will briefly share my pick of 24 great 4 letter .COM domains available for auction as well as some examples of how you may put them to good use. This auction runs until Thursday 19th November 2020. And so without further ado, let’s get this countdown started.



Depending on your circles, VJ popularly stands for Video Jockey, an announcer of music videos or performances on TV. This could be a great domain for a VJ who either goes by the stage name or whose catchphrase is “I Know” (IK).



Staying with the Video Jockeys, this could be THE domain for a Rhode Island (RI)-based VJ.



With MN being the US Postal Service (USPS) code for the State of Minnesota, this particular domain presents us with two great choices

  • Vanity Fair (VF) Minnesota – For a writer, blogger or reviewer that covers this segment of the population
  • Very Fine (VF) Minnesota – For a chain that provides fine dinning or services tailored to the finest specification.



The US National Football League (NFL) is currently in its week 9 of 17. AL being the USPS code for the State of Alabama, this is a great option for any website or agency that covers Football (FB) or is into sales of merchandise for teams in the top, college or youth football leagues.



This is one of the coolest 4 Letter domains in today’s line-up. With this we can break it down to the Roman Numeral ii for 2 and XJ for eXtreme Jeep. This is a cool match for any garage or franchise that’s into accessorizing the JEEP brand of cars.



This particular domain presents us with a tricky set of letters so I will keep these examples very simple. With WY as the USPS code for the State of Wyoming;

  • Very Quick (VQ) as used in nautical/maritime navigation – Presents us with a possible option for dealers of maritime vessels or engines in Wyoming
  • Voice Quality (VQ) – Could be a unique domain for a voice over artist or audio recording facility in the State
  • Varsity Quiz (VQ) – An entity that regularly organizes quizzes between Universities in the State has THE ideal domain in this choice.



Route NN in the State of Missouri (MO). This domain is a unique find for Property Agents, Stores and any businesses that offer services along this road.



With NM denoting the State of New Mexico and IO representing Input/Output, this is a unique find for a company that provides data analysis or any other computing-related services or courses in this state.



  • NEBD is the acronym for Nuclear Envelope BreakDown. This is a precise domain for agencies that conduct research in cell biology.
  • NEBD is also the short form of the Dutch phrase Niet Eerder Beginnen Dan (Starting no earlier than)



  • NDIP is the acronym for the National Dental Inspection Programme of Scotland. The programme currently uses a subdomain so this would be a great find for them.
  • NDIP is also the acronym for the New Developments in Photodetection, a conference regularly organised in France. This would be a great addition to domains that point their way.



EMGK is an established photographer in France. This would be a great domain to help point the international market to the business.



As playful as this is going to turn out, this is actually a great domain for any business that is into Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice. I’ll leave it at that.



This is the prefect domain for anyone that offers account management services on the social media platform Instagram. Quality Manager (QM) Instagram (IG) is as simple as I will keep this.



For anyone or any agency that is into Real estate or Property management in the Hudson river Valley (HV) New Jersey (NJ) area, this is the perfect match for you.



This is another seemingly tricky combination of 4 letters. My best options for this are in the vehicle segment.

  • ReVV Hard – Is a close match for any car enthusiast or blogger that covers action where cars are revved to the limit
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Handling (H) may leave out a V but it’s a close match for any company that offers demonstrations or courses on how to safely and correctly handle your RV when out on the road.



With VT being the USPS code for the State of Vermont and MU being the short form for Music, this domain offers endless options for any company or group into musical equipment, record sales or live performances in the state.

The same could be snapped up by the Vermont Mutual Insurance Group an addition to their current domain.



This particular domain presents us with three options.

  • Illinois (IL) Quad Cities (QC) is a great find for Real estate or Property Agencies in the area
  • Israel (IL) Quality Control (QC) is a neat domain for any company into quality control in the Nation of Israel
  • Independent Living (IL) Quebec (QC) can be adopted by groups that advocate for independent living in Quebec Canada



  • Perfect match for the Illinois (IL) Left Wing (LW).
  • Israel (IL) Left Winger (LW) – Can be adopted by blogs or websites that offer commentaries on soccer/football



The perfect domain name for a Yamaha WaveRunner (VX) Limited Personal Watercraft/Jet Ski dealer in the State of Illinois (IL)



  • Have Fun (HF) in the United Arab Emirates (.AE) – A great find for a travel agency that organizes holidays, shopping sprees and desert safaris in the UAE.
  • Have Fun (HF) American Eagle (AE) – Perfect domain for a dropshipper or store that promotes the American Eagle brand.



This domain presents us with three options;

  • Nigeria (NI) Long Haul (LH) – Perfect for an agency that promotes long haul flights into and out of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Norfolk Island (Ni) mint LH stamp – Great domain for anyone who collects the Norfolk Island, Postage Stamp, 13-18 Mint LH, 1953, JFZ series
  • National Insurance (NI) Laguna Hills (LH), Orange County, California – Perfect match for an Insurance Agency in the area.



  • BEVerly Hills, Los Angeles County, California – Possible option for a Real estate or Property agency in the area.
  • Der Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (The German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association) – An alternative or great addition to their current domain.



The combination of letters in this 4 Letter domain my initially look unimpressive. However, a closer look presents us with not just one but three options

  • Holden Commodore ZB cars Australia (.AU) – This is a neat 4 Letter domain for any dealership selling this brand of vehicles.
  • ZB Australia (.AU) – A great match for ZB, a digital asset trader for services such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) should they venture into the Australian market.
  • An alternative or additional domain for Z-bau, the House of Contemporary Culture located in Nürnberg, Germany.



An additional or alternative domain name for KOUJ-LP, non-profit radio station run by Calvary Chapel of Norman, currently using a different domain ending.

And that completes my countdown. I hope that you have gleaned an idea or two to help with your 4 Letter domain name purchase. If any of the above domains did not meet your preference, please check out the entire line-up here. Remember, the auction runs until Thursday 19th November. Happy bidding!

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