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Have you ever wondered how much it costs to register a fancy domain extension such as .CAR or .INC for your car dealership/fan page or business entity? Wonder no more. In this article I will review the Top 7 List – Domain Extensions by price as sold by NETIM, a French domain name reseller.

All seven domain extensions under review in this article cost more than EUR 1,990 or $2,270 with the most expensive .NA topping the charts at EUR 3.950 or $4,520. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the sale of these domain extensions which means that anyone from anywhere around the world is free to purchase them. Without further ado, let’s get this show started.

Sand dunes in Namibia

1. .NA ccTLD for Namibia

  • Registration price: EUR 3,950 or $4,520
  • Renewal price: EUR 3,250 or $3,708
  • Manager: Namibian Network Information Center
  • Popular Registrations: google-dot-com-dot-na, nust-dot-na, edu-dot-na, namibian-dot-com-dot-na, are-dot-na, fribnamibia-dot-com-dot-na, gov-dot-na, newera-dot-com-dot-na, unam-dot-na and atlantico-dot-na

Situated in the South Western part of Africa, Namibia is one of the largest (35th) and least densely populated (2.7 million) countries in the world. Owing to its location between the Namib and Kalahari Deserts, Namibia is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa (receiving less than 50mm or 2 inches of rainfall per year in the coastal areas), with only 1% of its over 825 square kilometers or 318 square miles landmass being arable.

Mining however is a very important sector accounting for 25% of revenue and Namibia is the fourth largest exporter of Uranium in the world. Tourism too is another important sector accounting for 14% of revenue and 18% emplyment. The country receives over a million tourists per year, which is a very good number for a population slightly less than three million.

Why is the .NA ccTLD so expensive?

Your guess as to why this is so is as good as mine. I honestly can’t tell why. According to Domain Name Stat, the .NA extension has slightly over 2,000 (2,063 at the time of writing this article) registered domains. Although this means that the domain extension is not very popular, it is good news for any company or brand with a name that ends in .na. The following possible domain names were still available at the time of writing this article,,,,,,,,,,,

If you are really keen on investing in domain names, some of these examples especially the three-letter ones could fetch you a tidy sum in the future.


2. .INC Domain Extension

  • Registration price: EUR 2,200 or $2,509
  • Renewal price: Same as Registration
  • Manager: Intercap Registry Inc.
  • Popular Registrations: amazon-dot-inc, apple-dot-inc, ebay-dot-inc, facebook-dot-inc, google-dot-inc, instagram-dot-inc, nike-dot-inc, paypal-dot-inc, whatsapp-dot-inc, youtube-dot-inc

From the registrations above, it goes to show that the .INC is a preferred extension of leading brands that have a global reputation. This therefore should be the go-to extension for any brand with a global presence. It could also be adapted by publications or websites that cater to certain niches such as gardening, fishing, hunting or a variety of sports.


3, 4 & 5. .AUTO, .CAR & .CARS Domain Extensions

  • Registration price: EUR 1,998 or $2,279
  • Renewal price: Same as Registration
  • Manager: Cars Registry Limited
  • Popular Registrations: apollo-dot-auto, nic-dot-auto, renovo-dot-auto, voyage-dot-auto, hey-dot-car, pace-dot-car, regit-dot-cars, go-dot-cars, performance-dot-cars

This trio of domain extensions is the perfect choice for the auto enthusiast, developer of current and future products targeted at the auto industry or companies into car hire, sales or tuning. The .CAR extension is according to this article growing in popularity with car dealerships. Cities such as St. Louis (STL) in Missouri and Wichita in Kansas as well as States like Arizona feature dealerships with the .CAR domain extension. This shows the limitless possibilities for the Cities or States that remain available for registration. Ready to take the leap? Grab yours now!


6 & 7. .PROTECTION & .SECURITY Domain Extensions

  • Registration price: EUR 1,998 or $2,279
  • Renewal price: Same as Registration
  • Registry Manager/Administrator: XYZ.COM LLC
  • Popular Registrations: data-dot-security, online-dot-security,

SecurityThis particular duo of domain extensions offers limitless possibilities of options for registration. Security for premises can take the form of either physical barriers or intelligent turnkey systems. Companies that offer these solutions stand a better chance of increasing their visibility by taking advantage of the .SECURITY extension in combination with their brand name or company acronym.

According to an article published on PRNewswire in November 2019, worldwide losses due to fraud reached $27.85 billion in 2018 and were projected to rise to $35.67 billion in five years. The losses were attributed to payments made by card, with the US alone accounting for $9.4 billion in 2018. Any company that is already in the business of protecting its customers from fraud can take advantage of the .PROTECTION extension.

Companies or individuals that offer personal security detail or training in self-defense can also take advantage of this duo of extensions to re brand their current domain names. The same goes for companies that are already in the business of offering services to individuals or communities. Adaptation of the .SECURITY or .PROTECTION domain name to the name of the estate, neighborhood, District, City or State can offer more distinct visibility for the business.

There you have it…

My Top 7 domain extensions by price as sold by NETIM. I hope I have inspired you to take a bold step and take advantage of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) to make your brand more distinctly visible online. A quick reminder, there are no restrictions in registering these domain extensions. In the event that you did not find your preferred extension in the Top 7 reviewed, you can always visit the NETIM website and make a personalized search. A quick search tip: you can type up to 50 domain names, paste them in the search field and all your results will be returned with the pricing and availability or lack thereof for each extension.

As always, I value and appreciate your feedback so kindly leave me a comment in the section below and I will be sure to respond.

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  1. Hello Mark, starting with how you’ve shared this article I’m really excited about it as many of my friends and myself are looking to creating our own blog post to go into working online and I’m happy to see help here. I really like these suggestions you have shared and I’ll like to share with them 

    • Hello Justin,

      Thanks too for dropping by and leaving me a comment. I’m glad that you’ve found this article useful enough to share with your friends. I appreciate the gesture. All the best as you make your choice(s).

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  2. Hi Mark,
    This is a very interesting article. I learn something new every day in this Business. WOW, only 2 inches of rain fall every year? It sounds just like where I live in the desert of California. I think we get about 3 inches a year. The Domain names are also interesting. I have not heard of them. I have a couple now that are .com I want to wish you the very best and success in your business!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. You’re quite right on learning something new everyday. It helps us appreciate what we already have or strive to improve our current state. This lineup offers quite a number of rare domain extensions and hopefully, you have an idea of where to venture should you choose to explore other options. All the best with your business too!

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  3. From time to time, I have been seeing domain extensions that I did not recognize.  Your article explains why.  Although these new extensions seem expensive, as you say, they would make a website distinctive.  I have been looking for ways to make my websites stand out.  This may be a solution.  I do not know NeTim but am going to do a bit of research to see if one of thee new extensions might be worthy the price to make my websites distinctive.

    • Thanks for your comment Anastazja. I’m glad that this article helped shed some light on what you previously hadn’t recognized. I totally agree with your choice to do a bit more research about NeTim. It’s always best that we make informed decisions. All the best as you choose your distinctive extension.

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